Beaphar Fiprotec Cats 3 Pipettes 0.5ml

Flea and tick spot-on treatment for cats. + infos
Laboratoire : Beaphar


CIP 8046579


Anti-flea and tick treatment for cats to prevent and stop infestations on your pet. A single pipette delivers 5 weeks of protection. For ticks, the treatment is effective for upto 48 hours but does not prevent against reinfestation. 

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Anti-tick and flea treatment for cats.

Recommended Use: 

1 pipette of 0.5ml per cat. For external use only. Do not remove the pipette from its protective packaging before use.
Before each use, ensure to carefully read the instructions provided here.
Do not use after expiry date.


1 pipette of 0.5ml contains: 
Fipronil .. 50.0mg.
Butylhydroxyanisole (E-320) .. 0.100mg.
Butylhydroxytoluene (E-321) .. 0.050mg.
Benzyl alcohol (E1519) .. 142.500 mg

Transparent, pale to straw coloured solution. 
Spot-on solution 3 x 0.5ml.


3 pipettes.

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